A Covid Halloween

Read more to learn about how Mavericks are safely celebrating Halloween!

Photo Credit Alex Denny

This time of year is usually a time for trick or treating, haunted houses, costume parties, and everything spooky. But now, due to COVID restraints, students at LCC are trying to find new ways to celebrate Halloween, but stay COVID compliant. Students, such as Senior Jessia Imaz, feels that it is still necessary to continue to get into the Halloween spirit, despite the pandemic.

“I think it is important to keep traditions going so this year people should be able to have Halloween as long as they’re cautious about themselves and others surrounding them,” said Imaz.

Photo Credit Ryan Perikings

There are fun and classic traditions that can be adjusted. Junior Ryan Perikings favorite tradition is one of them.

“My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up as something you can’t be any other day of the week. It hasn’t changed. With Corona the outfits all have masks,” Perikings said

Changes and modifications to meet the restrictions are in order to keep everyone safe. Senior Conner Leite is going to make an effort to make the best out of the current situation despite not being able to do as much as he usually can.

“ I will be obviously seeing fewer people this Halloween, but it’s the Halloween of my senior year and I’m gonna try to still have a lot of fun,” Leite said.

Although some traditions have to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Most people understand that the purpose is to do everything they can to keep themselves and loved ones from becoming infected with Covid-19.

“We’re staying COVID safe by not having our neighborhood Halloween party we have every year,” Sophomore Ella Mondero said.

Many neighborhoods have also said no to trick-or-treating. Mondero’s neighborhood is one of them.

“My favorite part is walking around and seeing all your friends, this has obviously changed because my neighborhood said no walking around, and no candy this year,” said. Mondero.

Junior, Whitney Nelson agreed.

“My favorite part of Halloween is going around to different places and being with different people and friends, but with Corona you have to be aware and respectful of who you’re around,” Nelson said.

It is important to keep the safety precautions regarding the virus in mind as Halloween celebrations take place. While it is a fun time to be with friends, there is still a global pandemic happening right now. It is important to stay safe and be responsible during this time. The Corona virus is not going to go away just because it's a holiday.

Have fun, wear a (safe) mask, and stay home if you aren’t feeling well; for the safety of others and for the safety of our community.

Have a Spooky Halloween!

Written by Summer Snow