ASB Working Hard for the Holidays

Read more to learn what ASB has done to make the holiday season extra special!

Photo Credits Griffin Greenberg

The La Costa Canyon Associated Student Body has been doing their part to make the holidays special this year. They help give back to our school and community and devote a lot of time to make fun activities and fundraisers possible. Some activities they have already hosted include a food drive, a toy drive, and a holiday spirit week.

Junior, Keira Bigelow, an ASB member, helped put together the holiday spirit week, December 14-18.

“Monday was the holiday hat day. Tuesday was the snow gear day, on Wednesday it was blanket day, Thursday was holiday pajama day, and Friday was ugly holiday sweater day,” said Bigelow

Holiday spirit week is an annual tradition at LCC, but with the current circumstances, this year's holiday season encouraged students to show their spirit through pictures or class GoogleMeets.

“It's a good way to get into the holiday spirit before break, and a good way to connect as a school, especially during these times,” said Bigelow.

Senior Clare Lucewicz, ASB’s senior present, helped plan the recent food drive. Their goal was to collect as many canned foods as possible, and donate them to the San Diego Food Bank.

“All of the food we need most was on our instagram, and we couldn’t accept any glass, it makes it harder to transport,” said Luewicz.

LCC ASB have done food drives in the past, but this year they found it was important to host one and the drive was extremely successful.

“We thought it would be a good activity for all of LCC to connect and donate food to a great cause for the holidays… With distance learning it's just been hard to get a lot of activities out there that are safe, so it's a win win,” said Luewicz.

The last activity ASB hosted this holiday season was a Toys for Tots toy drive. ASB president, Carson Robles, a senior, helped put this activity together.

“We really think it's important to host a toy drive this year because of all the people who are less fortunate, we want to give back to our community,” said Robles.

The target age for the gifts was 2-10 years old, and there were some specific things the organization was looking for.

“It was recommended to donate things that are simple, that anyone could enjoy. Like balls, dolls, or bikes. Not things like books or clothes,” said Robles.

The LCC Toys for Tots toy drive took place at the LCC turn around on December 10-11, from 1:00-3:00.

“We are donating all the toys to Toys for Tots by December 16. We have already received a great amount of gifts!” said Robles.

Thanks to everyone who participated! This holiday season has been different for all of us, but ASB has done their part to make it extra special. For more information about upcoming events events hosted by ASB, visit their Instagram page, @lccasb, or visit their new website,

Written by Zoe Morris