Back To School

Read more to learn how students have adjusted to coming back to school in person!

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With COVID cases down, and vaccines happening around the county, students at LCC are now able to go to school in person four days a week. This decision took a lot of prepping and planning on the part of teachers but students are definitely grateful.

Freshman Gabriela Mena has been enjoying the in-person learning environment and thinks it's helpful for struggling students.

Being on campus “makes you focus when you're actually in the classroom. It’s been way easier for me to concentrate and don’t have to deal with all the technical issues,” said Mena.

Mena has also noticed that she has become more productive while attending in person classes and turns more work in early.

“It’s easier to get things done when there aren’t so many distractions. When I have extra time in class, I just get ahead on work, and that has really helped lower school associated stress,” said Mena.

Senior Reece Severson has also been happy to get back on campus and thinks the right steps are being taken to stay safe.

“Supervisors are enforcing masks and social distancing. In addition, all Chromebooks are wiped down after use, along with work areas. Doors and windows are also open in classrooms so there is a lot of ventilation,” said Severson.

Students from all grades have taken the opportunity to feel some normalcy going back to school.

“Being a senior, I want to take every chance I can get to enjoy high school before I graduate. I’m glad they have given us that choice this year,” said Severson.

Freshmen have also benefited from going to high school for the first time in person...ever!

“Being a freshman, I didn’t really know what the normal day at LCC was like. You don’t really get that community feeling when you're at home. It's so nice to actually feel like a part of the high school community for the first time,” said Mena.

The Maverick family have been doing everything they can to safely bring students back to school and make it feel as normal as possible. Although it's not perfect, it's the first time going to school has felt somewhat normal in a long time.

Written by Zoe Morris