Dancing While Distanced

Read more to learn how the dance team has continued to dance during the pandemic!

Photo Credits Maddy Hulle

It’s no shock that the last year came with many challenges and setbacks across the board. Despite the cancelled competitions and closed dance room doors of last year, the LCC dance team is back on campus and ready to dance their way to victory.

“Getting to be in the dance room and interacting with the girls in person has been very refreshing since most of our season has been cancelled or online,'' said senior and Dance Team President Olivia Musel.

While Musel is not competing this season, she is still more excited than ever to be back with her team for her senior year.

“Being allowed on campus even with just a small group has allowed us to bond with each other a lot more than through screens” said junior and Dance Team Vice President Maddy Hulle.

Not only does this opportunity to be on campus reunite the team, but allows our dancers to have an adequate space to dance in, which they might not have had in the past few months.

“It’s also super helpful to have the dance room available as most of us don’t have the right space to dance in at home,” said Hulle.

While the dance room is now partially open, it is still not as accessible as it once was. Despite this, our LCC dancers have not let their distance from the team hinder their endurance and practice.

“Since we can only come in a few times a week it has been very important to continue training and staying in shape. A lot of our technique and stretching has been maintained individually as opposed to getting to take class weekly,” said Musel.

Being back on campus has allowed our dance team to work their way back to some normalcy. At the end of February, LCC dance participated in a virtual competition, which is unlike any competition they’ve faced in the past. However, the team agrees that this online format helps them work harder to finish strong, which is very important this year.

“It has been much harder performing for judges or an audience that isn’t right there around us,” said Hulle.

Photo Credit Olivia Musel

While online learning and social distancing have challenged many students to feel detached this year, the dance team has jumped through a few hoops to keep their connection strong.

“Competition has greatly connected members of the team by giving us in-person practices and…virtual team meetings have also helped to connect as a team,” said Hulle.

This sense of togetherness has been hard to come by. Luckily, many sports are slowly but surely returning to provide a sense of community for our Maverick athletes.

As for the future of LCC dance, these dancers have noted how much the program has impacted their lives and they envision great success and unity for all dancers to come.

“Being on the team for four years I have seen our program evolve and prosper and I could not be more proud of our achievements. Team dynamic is so important and I hope that beyond my time at LCC, the dance program continues to be a place of growth and positivity,” said Musel.

“I would like to see the program expand to have a large community of dancers ranging from all levels of experience coming together as one family. I hope that it continues to be an outlet for anyone who needs it or could benefit from all of the love and support that it brings,” said Hulle.

Written by Ally Berman