Environmental Club

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Photo by Skyler Shortley

As climate change proves to be a prevalent issue in everyday lives many look toward the younger generation as a beacon of hope. This shining light can be seen with our very own Environmental Club at La Costa Canyon.

Senior Skyler Shortley started the club with clear intentions. Her passion for environmental conservation started when she was young and grew as she became older. With each year, she realized the detrimental effects the human race has on the environment and felt the need to do something about it.

“We encourage students to learn more about human influence on global ecosystems,” said Shortley.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, meetings look a little different these days. Last school year, Shortley was able to host in-person meetings twice a month, where they discussed local issues regarding our ecosystem, and came up with eco friendly solutions.

This year, Shortley and Co-President Summer Snow, have been able to plan successful meetings on Zoom. Their most recent endeavour was planning a socially distanced beach clean up in the near future.

Founding this club has impacted many lives, including Shortley’s own.

“Starting the environmental club and surrounding myself with likeminded people who care about the planet has encouraged me to live more sustainably and continue to learn more how I can better the environment,” said Shortley.

If you are interested in joining this club, to learn more about our impact on the environment, follow their instagram (@LaCostaEnvironmental) and click the link in their bio to sign up!

Written by Cami Cox and Olive Chine