Helping the Homeless Club

One in seven people - about 443,000 - in San Diego County face hunger each day. LCC’s Helping the Homeless Club tackles that issue and has been very active attempting to bring solutions in the community, even during a global pandemic. Created four years ago, the Helping the Homeless Club is run by founder and president, senior Noah Simon and co-founder and marketing agent Grant Haferkamp, also a senior. The club educates students about the problem of homelessness in San Diego County (which has one of the highest homeless rates in the country.)

Although Covid-19 has hindered the club’s ability to gather in large groups, they have remained active in the community by creating food drives, preparing bags and donating those items in a safe manner.

“Before the tragic pandemic hit, we were going around all the parks in the county and giving out food,” said Haferkamp.

Photo Credits Noah Simon

He believes that soon enough he will be back to those parks with many new club members. Haferkamp’s passion for this club stems from his love for the community and those who are less fortunate.

“My favorite part of the club is getting to see the look on their faces when they see the food. Giving my all with a bunch of great LCC students makes me feel like I’m part of a greater cause,” said Haferkamp.

Simon believes that everyone should participate in this club because it evokes such a pure feeling and the joy never leaves, even after working with the club for four years.

“We want to provide an easy way that students can give back to the community while also bringing tremendous happiness to those who may be in a rough patch in their life,” said Simon.

“Being able to talk to these people and hear about what they’ve been through has really opened my eyes and it’s an experience everyone should have,” said Haferkamp.

With respect to the Covid guidelines and regulations, the Helping the Homeless Club has a few upcoming events that students at LCC can participate in.

“We’re having a food drive for Feeding San Diego that lasts throughout the fall. All students are welcome to sign up and help our community,” said Simon.

Students who are interested in participating in these events can visit and text @LCCHH to 810-10. Students who may want to help from the comfort of their own home can fill out a Google form on the Helping the Homeless Club website and donate there; every $1 donated to FSD creates four meals.

Written by Zach Henry