My School Votes

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Read how La Costa Canyon students are using their voices to promote preregistration and voter registration.

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Photo Credit Chiara Frank

Senior, Chiara Frank, recently created the My School Votes Club which focuses on the importance of voting. The club works closely with When We All Vote, a program created by Michelle Obama to reach those who are eligible to register and preregister to vote. The club highlights the power of the young minds of this generation and their ability to make an impact.

The president of the club and senior at LCC Chiara Frank introduced the new club and how it came to be, her inspiration, and her overall plans for expanding her club and reaching the students of LCC.

“This summer I became a volunteer for the When We All Vote program, which this club works with,

and I further learned about the importance of voting and youth voter registration especially with the presidential election coming up. I started My School Votes Club this year because I believe that youth has a really powerful voice and we have the ability to initiate change, especially through our power to vote,” said Frank.

The goal of the My School Votes Club for this upcoming school year is to spread awareness, educate and inform about the voting system. The members want the students to understand that they have the ability to make an impact on their very own community, as well as nationally. They want to set a positive influence by teaching how important voting is and why. Senior Chiara Frank adds to her goals by hoping to expand her club outside of school and into other communities as well as her own.

“My goals for the club are for the members to feel that they are making a difference in their community as well as expanding the club to more people who feel passionate or interested in voter registration. We are going to reach out to many students and hopefully further educate others and ourselves on how the voting system works throughout the year,” said Frank.

The club’s focus is to target the sophomore, junior, and senior students about voter registration. Senior Emma Stenger explains that the club plans to have presentations, such as slideshows and videos during classes and plans on reaching out through social media to grow their club, and to catch the attention of our generation.

“Right now, the club’s main goal is to reach out to students above the age of 16 and get them pre-registered or registered to vote. Our main forms of our reach are through Instagram DMs and presentations during their classes,” said Strenger.

The My School Votes Club intends on teaching students who may be unsure or unfamiliar with the process of registration and pre-registration how to do it, and guiding them step by step. Natalia Shields, who is in charge of Public Relations expands on why voting is so important.

Photo Credit Natalia Shields

“Registering to vote is so important, especially as our country is going through such astronomical changes. Voting not only helps to make good progress, but it is the first line of defend for our country’s democracy,” says Shields.

Strenger, secretary of the club, explains that they also want to help close significant gaps in the system and reach people of all ages, from all over America. Photo credits to Natalia Shields

Photo Credit Emma Strenger

“I joined the My School Votes Club when [I was] offered an opportunity to get involved with the program working to close the age and race gap in voter turnout. I was really interested in the opportunity to work with students at LCC as well as people across the west coast and even nation-wide,” said Strenger.

With a passion for rights, voting, and the importance of one’s voice the young women running the LCC We All Vote Club are ready to make an impact and a difference by setting new, positive stereotypes, showing everybody that their voice matters, and influencing generations to come by educating about the importance for registration and using the power one’s voice contains.