Inside IB

Read the advice of a senior IB Diploma candidate to those who are interested in the same path!

Chiara Frank: IB Diploma Candidate

  • What have you learned being an IB student?

  • As an IB student, I've learned that I can do more than what I thought I was capable of doing. I had never written a 12-page paper, planned and conducted my own experiments, yet now have done several. When I first heard about the papers we would write and the requirements, it was very daunting. However, the resources my teachers provided, collaborating with my peers, and asking for help when needed, all were vital these past two years for me. I’ve learned not to underestimate myself throughout the process. I have also learned the value of leaning on your peers. I found this through peer-editing and bouncing ideas off of one another about our IB papers and assessments. While we pushed one another to want to do well, we also supported one another through all the IB assessments.

  • What was the best advice given to you when going into IB?

  • The best advice given to me going into IB was to take advantage of the opportunities in IB to write about what you are interested in. The internal assessments that you write in your IB classes allow you to explore a topic of your choice within the given subject, and this can be a great opportunity to investigate a topic you are passionate or just curious about. Especially with the Extended Essay, which is the longest paper, it took me time to find a topic that truly excited and motivated me, but once I found it, this paper was much more enjoyable to write. I think that something unique about IB is that it can provide you with insight into what you may want to do in the future, as it did for me.

  • What are you going to miss most?

  • I am definitely going to miss our small IB classes and group in general. In this program, I really got to know my teachers and fellow students in the program, which I greatly enjoyed. The discussion aspect of the IB curriculum had us often discuss our ideas or opinions on various topics and global issues, allowing us to learn about each other's individual perspectives. I think this is something unique to the IB program at our school, and I will really miss it.

  • What is your advice for overcoming challenges?

  • My advice for overcoming challenges would first be that when something is not going how you had originally planned, remember to believe that it will work out, even if you do have to change course or start over completely, which will likely happen at some point in time. Secondly, remember that you are not alone in your challenge. If you need support, reach out to those around you, such as a teacher or friend, so that you can get the resources or help you need to work through the challenge you are facing.