Interact Club

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The LCC Interact Club is a part of an international initiative to help others in their communities, especially during the pandemic. Sponsored by the Rotary Foundation, Interact works to organize community service events, giving students a chance to work with friends and classmates in person.

"We just wanted to give people an opportunity during COVID to give back to the community and create service activities to help people in need right now," said Mia Linson, Interact Club Secretary.

While COVID took away many events, it also created some. President Tayler Fierro led the club as they battled the pandemic's confines. However, they were determined to bring classmates together to help the community.

"It was kinda hard with the pandemic, but we were able to come together through friends and social media like Snapchat and Instagram," said Fierro.

The club organized a food drive at the beginning of the year, orange picking, which was donated to a local Encinitas food pantry, and collected school supplies for kids with disabilities.

"All of our activities are connected outside. Everyone has been able to stay socially distanced and masked, making sure we follow COVID guidelines. I do feel like if it were a normal year, we would be able to meet more often at school instead of just on our own time," said Linson.

Although the pandemic has left many students feeling disconnected from the community and school, the LCC Interact club brings many opportunities back for students to have a sense of connection.

"Interact teaches leadership and makes you feel better when you are out doing some good for our community. It always puts me in a better mood," said Fierro.

The Interact Club plans to meet for the rest of the school year and organize activities from now through summer. Tayler and Mia, both Juniors, hope to grow the club to further help our community.

Written by Nick Edens