Key Club During COVID

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Read more to learn about the LCC Key Club finding new ways to help the community in a virtual setting!

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The LCC Key Club has been doing everything they can to continue doing their part for the community, even during the times of Covid-19. Key club is a branch of Key Club International, which maintains the mission of helping the community and doing their part to make positive changes in the world. It helps students learn leadership skills, meet new friends, and overall have a good experience. This year, Key Club has made plans and is making a difference at LCC and in our community already.

There have been some challenges, but overall, the club has been planning for activities like toy drives, positivity rocks, and beach cleanups in the near future. Junior Olivia Pacheco is the president of the LCC Key Club.

“Key Club is run by an international organization, and we have to follow their guidelines, our term (for this year) started in May, and in June, the main board started planning for if we don’t go back to school in person,” said Pacheco.

Pacheco echoes the sentiments of many students who are usually involved in clubs on campus.

“It's a little depressing being at home, isolated, so we want to make it easy for kids to get service hours. We try and find unique ways, and talk to different people, look up different things, really just trying to connect as much as possible,” said Pacheco.

These tactics have been helpful, LCC’s Key Club already has plans for meetings.

“Right now we have our meetings online, we have a Google Classroom, but the school board did pass that sometime at the end of October, we might have meetings in small groups sometimes, like a hybrid,” said Pacheco.

Pacheco has also been coming up with COVID friendly activities that she has planned to do with the club very soon.

Photo Credit Olivia Pacheco

“We really want to do things with our community… we are thinking about doing positivity rocks, where we paint happy messages for people to find if they are having a bad day… we also work with San Marcos High School a lot, so we are planning on doing something for the holiday season, like a toy drive for kids who don’t receive Christmas presents,” said Pacheco.

Giselle Reyes, a Junior, is the Vice President of the Club. She has been a part of the club since her Freshman year and is very appreciative of Pacheco’s hard work and dedication.

“Olivia has focused so much of her attention on this club, of course I’m there to help her too, but she is just going at it! Always thinking about what she should do next,” said Reyes.

Pacheco, like many in her club, was drawn to the Key Club because of the service aspect.

“When I first joined, it was a way for me to help my community. I have always made that a priority, but I also gained a lot of friends in the process, and it helps that it looks good on your college application and gives you service hours. Overall it’s just a really great club with really great people,” said Pacheco.

Reyes is a fan of the environment the club provides while still performing important tasks.

“Everyone in the club are friends, we are doing community service, but it just feels like we are all hanging out together, they are all so welcoming,” said Reyes.

The members of the club believe that there is something everyone can gain from this club.

“After doing my first activity as a Freshman, which was a beach cleanup, it made me realize, wow, I can make a difference even if it’s just me, I can educate other people, I can help other people, and I can make a difference,” said Pacheco.

Key Club members are doing their best to make a difference, and have been productive in their planning and communication. This is not exactly what members are used to in this club, but they are still moving forward, and changing the world. For more information about the club, students can visit their Instagram @lcc.keyclub.

Written by Zoe Morris