LCC Academic Team

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The LCC Academic Team has expanded this year to create their own club during the pandemic, in addition to the team as of last year, which has been especially helpful in connecting members to LCC during the pandemic. Club President,Anjali Chaparala, and Vice President , Claire Conner, have been on the team all four years at LCC, agree that participating is an exciting experience that has kept students involved in Maverick life.

Photo Credit Claire Conner

“I’ve been a part of the academic team since freshman year, and it’s definitely been one of my favorite parts of my high school experience. I wanted to reach out to students this year because I know it’s hard to get the same social experience through online school. I hope that, through hosting weekly meetings, I could make anyone who comes to practice feel a little bit more connected to LCC,” said Conner.

The academic team’s main focus is to exercise and promote education and learning in an exciting way. While many students compete with academic teams across the county, some members just participate and learn.

“The main objective of this organization is to have fun. There aren’t any prerequisites for joining the team and students actually end up learning a lot of cool facts about history, literature, science, and other categories through the Academic Team,” said Chaparala.

Most Academic Teams consist of twenty to thirty students per team. LCC currently has 19 members on the team, although the number is growing. The academic team is split up similar to sports team with freshmen, JV, and Varsity. There are five people in the game at the same time despite having 20 plus

members. Teammates participation is determined by their attendance to practice.

Photo Credit La Costa Canyon vs Sage Creek 2020 on Youtube

“We have a coach for each team, and games once a week during the season. At each game, we face off against another school’s team. Each school’s team selects five players that sit at two adjacent tables. On each table, there are five buzzers. There is one proctor standing in front of the two tables who asks a series of questions. The proctor will start off the game by asking a “toss-up” question, where each player has five seconds to buzz in with the answer. If a player buzzes in and guesses the correct answer, that school’s team will get what is called a “bonus question” where that team gets 20 seconds to answer a few related questions (the difference between a bonus question and a toss up is that during the bonus question, the players on a team can talk to each other before giving answers). The game ends after 30 minutes,” said Conner.

The three coaches at LCC are Mrs. McCormick for freshmen, Mr. Vice for JV, and Mr. Giuliano for varsity.

“The coaches are in charge of running their separate teams during the season but as for the club, Claire and I take turns running the practices/meetings and reading the questions. Sarah is in charge of communicating with the coaches. This year, especially, she has served a very important role in getting us questions to use for our practices. Evelyn, Claire, Sarah, and I are all in charge of spreading word about the team and encouraging new members to join,” said Chaparala.

Questions vary in between math, science (all types from psychology to physics), history, government, geography, mythology, music, theater, literature, English grammar, French, spanish, and current events.

“Most people assume that you have to be a ‘good student’ to be on an academic team, but that’s not really the case at all. For anyone who is interested, I would just say try it out, go to a practice, and if it’s not your thing, then you don’t have to do it,” said Conner.

Although the pandemic has changed the dynamics of competition as in-person games are not allowed at this point, the members of the academic team attend practice weekly on Google Meet and do the same things that they would do in person.

“The practices are different but they are still very fun! We are always looking for more students to join! Not many students are aware that the academic team is available at school,” said Chaparala.

As leaders of the academic team, Chaparala and Conner do their best to grow the community. recruiting underclassmen to join and continue the tradition is an important part of the club. If you are someone who wants to learn, compete, and make new friends all at the same time, then this is the club for you.

Written by Griffin Greenberg and Thomas Gonzales