Maverick Park

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Read more to learn about the new Maverick Park on La Costa Canyon's campus!

Photo Credit Mr. Medina

The La Costa Canyon community has created the Maverick Park in the midst of time spent away from school during the pandemic. The grassy field formerly known as the ‘meadow’ is now equipped with features that will encourage a sense of community and help create a fun environment for all Mavericks on campus.

Since Mavericks aren’t on campus to see the park with our own eyes, principal Reno Medina explains the different aspects that make up Maverick Park.

“MavPark is a ‘park’ within the school that takes up the upper half of the meadow. The park is a flexible space that features trees, picnic tables, bocce ball court, cornhole courts, ping pong tables, and a grass area for many activities. The plan is to host a food station near the park with music,” said Medina.

The main goal in creating Maverick Park was to utilize the empty space on campus and turn it into something everyone in the Maverick community could enjoy.

Photo Credit Mr. Medina

“We hope MavPark will bring together students to increase a sense of community. In addition, as you walk into the front entrance of LCC, it is the first thing you see. We wanted to utilize the empty ‘Meadow’ space for something that would appeal to students and our community,” said Medina.

Medina knew that it was important to hear from the community to make sure the park would be a beneficial part of campus for years to come.

We listened to some suggestions from students, parents, and teachers about needing a space for students on our campus that provided a fun atmosphere while adding to the aesthetics of LCC. We formed a planning committee to provide feedback along the way to include stakeholders and we worked with students, LCC staff, district representatives, the LCC Foundation, and architects to design the park,” said Medina.

Photo Credit Mr. Medina

With the help of the community, the park was finished in September of 2020. The Maverick Park gives students and staff members another thing to look forward to when we are eventually allowed to return to in person school together.

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