Online Experience for Freshman

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Read more to learn how Freshman are adjusting to their first month of high school through a computer screen!

The first day on the LCC campus for freshman year is the beginning of a new chapter in life that leaves students feelings excited and hopeful, yet at the same time nervous for the next four years. This first day feeling is something that the class of 2024 has yet to experience due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Freshman year is full of new experiences such as trying out for a new sports team, joining different clubs, and meeting new people. Many of the freshmen at LCC were looking forward to these new experiences and were ready to take on everything LCC has to offer. Freshman Cole Evans says he was most excited about being able to be a part of an LCC athletic team.

“High school sports was definitely something I was looking forward to most. I would be playing soccer but having everything delayed was kind of disappointing,” said Evans.

The balance between school and social life can be challenging, especially when the majority of the day is spent looking at a screen. As the new freshmen balance life online with homework and tests, they are also having to balance a lack of the social aspects of high school; such as meeting their classmates and learning what it means to be a high school student. Freshman Mia Aschbrenner says it is helpful when teachers call on students or assign partners because it allows the students to get to know each other, work together as peers, and create a bond with the students they will be working with for the rest of high school.

Photo Credit Mia Aschrenner

“I would recommend teachers assign partners in class, this forces us to talk to

each other because sometimes in breakout rooms [it is easy for students] to not talk to anybody,” said Aschrenner.

As the year continues online, and the freshman are adjusting to the idea of heading back to campus in the spring, there is still a significant difference. Freshman Nathan Ciepley feels that the computer screen is a major divide when it comes to forming relationships.

“I feel like online school has definitely kept me from getting to know my classmates and making new friends. The rules in the classes are to only unmute yourself if you are to be answering a question specifically asked by the teacher. This provides strict limitations to who you can communicate with during class,” said Ciepley.

Freshman year is a year many don’t forget, and making those memories is a significant highlight of high school. With the hopes of going back on campus in the spring, freshman Miley Black is feeling the typical nerves and excitement that most students experience when thinking about their first day at LCC.

Photo Credit Miley Black

“I am both nervous and excited to possibly go back to school in the spring. I am nervous because LCC is a big campus and I’m nervous about finding and being on time for classes. I am very excited to go back though because I want to meet people and have at least a bit of my freshman year in person,” said Black.

Nathan Ciepley agrees that the lack of stimulation of being in an on-campus environment has left him feeling stuck.

“I am extremely excited about the possible opening of campus in the spring. I am excited because I feel like going in person learning will allow me to not only connect with the teachers more but also the students. I feel as though I have been stuck in middle school even though I am in high school. Everyone always talks about the new people that you meet when you go to high school but the only people that I’ve stayed friends with are those who went to my middle school,” said Ciepley.

These are challenging and confusing times leaving many unsure about the thought of going back to campus, however with the hopes of returning in the spring it is important to stay safe and healthy. The class of 2024 may have conflicting emotions about their start to the new school year, but they are starting to make new connections and become more comfortable in their learning environments. LCC is excited to welcome them to our campus as soon as it is safe.

Written by Lauren Waller