Pottery Class at LCC

Read more to learn how pottery classes at La Costa Canyon have adjusted to learn from afar!

Despite the challenges of online learning, the students in Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Weidmann's pottery classes have worked consistently hard. They have worked on various projects from home, while still managing to participate in this hands on class.

In Mrs. Harding’s class, Freshman Annika Van der Wagt feels there is a lot to learn in the world of pottery. She has learned a lot of new artistic skills, and techniques.

“I love this class because it is a hands on learning experience even learning virtually, that's something I miss in my other classes. It's really different from the other classes i've taken in the past,” said Van der Wagt.

Mrs. Harding has introduced many techniques and visuals to help students on projects. Students have used these tips while crafting their sculptures.

“We work with clay a lot and use materials around our house for some things, we use lots of wire, paper and cardboard. I had no clue that so many things laying around my house could help with this class,” said Van der Wagt.

In Mrs. Weidmann’s class, Freshman Aria Reinigalso takes sculpture and loves the fun environment. She feels it is a great way to express herself, and show her art to others.

“I love this class. I’ve never taken an art class that's so hands on like pottery is. I really like working with clay. It is a different kind of art that I have never tried before,” said Reining.

Just like Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Weidmann has been teaching various techniques for different projects. Students have done many fun projects and art pieces.

“My favorite project was definitely the clay tile, we could put anything we wanted on it. Right now we are doing a project where we make a piece inspired by a famous artist,” said Reinig.

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Every student has their own individual projects and opinions which is what makes pottery such a unique class.

“My favorite project was the pinch pot clay project. It was so different from all the other things we make in that class and was so fun to make. I get most of my inspiration from online sites,” said Van der Wagt.

Even though things have been a little more difficult online, these students have been having a great time in their classes. They continue to work hard during the second semester.

“I would totally recommend this class, I learned how to be more creative, and used new artistic techniques while incorporating them into my work. It's also really fun to compare your work with friends, everyone's artwork is so unique,” said Van der Wagt.

Mrs. Weidmann’s students also recommend this class because of its unique atmosphere that nurtures each artist’s creativity.

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be in an artistic environment and likes to try out new things! It's very welcoming, I'm looking forward to learning more this semester.” said Reinig.

Taking an art class virtually is definitely a challenge, but LCCHS Sculpture has pushed through and done many fun projects, and learned tons of new things. While this class has been different from previous years, students can still embrace their creative sides from home. It's never too late to try something new!

Written by Zoe Morris