Student Body Representative

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Read more to learn how LCC senior, Sarah Williams, has taken on the role of student body representative for San Dieguito Union HS District school board meetings.

Photo Credit Sarah Williams

The California Education Code section 35012(d) states, in part, that the governing board of a school district should have a student member and that “the student board member will serve as a trustee on behalf of all district students...participate in dialogue...and ensure that the student’s voice is represented as the student member performs board duties and adheres to district policies while maintaining GPA.”

Senior, Sarah Williams, has been the voice of La Costa Canyon students through attending various San Dieguito Union HS District school board meetings as a student body representative this year. Her presence in the meetings is vital so that staff and administrators can hear a student perspective in such a difficult and confusing time.

Williams serves on committees that are currently meeting and is given the difficult task of speaking on behalf of the over one thousand students at La Costa Canyon.

“I also serve as the LCC Representative on the school site council meetings and on the reopening school committee,” said Williams.

Some members of the board have been receptive to her opinions because they understand that she can explain how different protocols or decisions affect students in virtual school from the most important perspective, that of the students. Williams has the ability to bring that unique perspective to the meetings.

By letting students like Williams speak up, the board is able to get a feel for what students really want and need during this unprecedented time. This collaboration helps for a better sense of understanding between students and staff.

Associate Superintendent Bryan Marcus, previous La Costa Canyon High principal, believes it is vital to have a student voice in the meetings. Adults can only guess what the students want, and having a student in the meeting allows for there to be a reassurance that what they decided will really be best for the students.

“Student board reps, as elected representatives of their schools' sites, are an invaluable voice as they provide our board and community with a student perspective on how we can improve and support all students on a daily basis,” said Marcus.

The California Parent/Teacher/Student Association also states in their bylaws that student participation in governing systems related to our education systems is necessary.

“Students and adults obtain a better understanding and appreciation of one another by working side by side on goal-related projects,”said Celia Jaffe, California PTSA President.

The position of student body representative is not only benefiting the board, but Williams is also seeing the improvements from the role in her own life.

“This position has allowed me to feel more confident while speaking in front of others as some meetings can have over 500 people watching through the live stream. I have also learned how to collaborate with others to deliver a cohesive report of all the events on campus,” said Williams.

Without Williams, the board would not be able to understand what students really want in virtual school. The bravery and hard work from Williams is not going unnoticed and students at La Costa Canyon are lucky to have Williams to represent their needs.

Written by Summer Snow and Allie Kremer