Careers During COVID

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, some Mavericks have been working throughout the community to gain experience and knowledge for their future careers. For these seniors with approaching college applications, th

Photo Credits Chloe Ha

e break from being at school hasn’t stopped them from learning opportunities to better prepare them for the working world.

Senior Chloe Ha has been working at her mom’s dental office as a

receptionist and greeter, which looks different during the era of COVID-19. She, as well as many other health professionals, has adjusted to taking extra precautions for the safety of her clients and the office.

“There are definitely more safety procedures that go into work. I check temperatures and take oxygen levels to check patients in, everyone has to wear a mask, and I wear more protection,” said Ha.

Photo Credits Chloe Ha

Working with an older population has also made Ha more aware of health regulations that she hopes the community will maintain post-virus, such as using hand sanitizer and covering up coughs.

Senior Ben Funk has spent a great amount of time working as a firefighter cadet and junior paramedic around Encinitas and Carlsbad. He highlights the importance of first responders in the community and appreciates the effort they’ve put in to working during coronavirus.

“I’m especially grateful for first responders working with me because everyone is so dedicated and hard working. It’s hard to imagine a society without people like first responders,” said Funk.

Working closely to people in the community who have been affected by the virus has also made Funk appreciative of his health.

These students haven’t let the pandemic set them off track from their futures, and with college approaching, they understand the importance of taking opportunities that will enrich their experiences.

“Finding jobs and internships or shadowing professionals in specific fields gives you more information than you could ever read about. You’re getting valuable information first hand. With all the resources we have, we might as well take advantage of them,” said Ha.

Sometimes trial and error is the most important lesson in finding a life pursuit.

“When you get experience when you’re young, you figure out if you want to pursue it. If you do like it, you get really great knowledge and gain great connections in the community that will set you up for the future,” said Funk.

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