Wellness Wednesday

Read more to learn about why the school board voted to keep Wellness Wednesday!

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Wellness Wednesdays: some love a day where they can catch up on work and spend most of their day off screen, while others think it is keeping students from going back to a regular school schedule. There have been many steps to creating Wellness Wednesdays, putting it into effect, and currently, keeping it.

As always, there are two sides to every story, and there is a reasoning behind every opinion. Those who are not impressed with Wellness Wednesdays have mentioned that if students are going to school every other day of the week, they should attend Wednesday as well. Opponents have also expressed the idea that it created a difficult learning environment because of all the distractions and more lenient schedule on that day. Proponents love Wellness Wednesdays because it allows students to catch up on school work, meet with teachers one on one when necessary and gives them a break from screens and school associated stress.

Chiara Frank, an LCC student who voiced her opinion regarding keeping Wellness Wednesday, was a part of creating a petition to present to the school board with reasons (and signatures) hoping to keep Wednesdays the way they are for the remainder of this school year.

“I feel Wellness Wednesday has really encouraged a path to good mental health, and for me personally, really helped with my wellbeing… It really allows students to move forward with their academic success but also nurture their mental needs. That's why my friend and I wanted to make sure students who wanted Wellness Wednesdays could share their opinions and have their voices heard. We wrote an email draft to the board that outlined why we wanted Wellness Wednesdays, what the benefits were, and shared it with students so they could share their thoughts and stories. This led to a student creating a petition that currently has over 1,500 signatures,” said Frank.

The board made the decision to keep Wellness Wednesdays so far; welcome news to LCC students and teachers.

“We made the final decision to keep Wellness Wednesdays because there were more reasons to keep it than to take it away. It was easy for us to see both opinions because they both have important reasons to keep or not to keep. But people who wanted it to stay outnumbered those who didn’t, and we think it's important that students' mental health is heavily considered,” said a school board member.

Wellness Wednesdays has helped many students have a break during this abnormal school year, and continues to help students and teachers promote good mental health.

Written by Zoe Morris