Young Leaders in Healthcare

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During COVID, the Young Leaders in Healthcare Club (YLHC) have continued to be active and learn new things. This includes group projects and lessons that these Mavericks have been doing to educate themselves in the healthcare field. LCC’s healthcare club is a branch of a large healthcare club that includes all of North County. The main purpose is to teach students the basics of healthcare so they can be exposed to future careers.

This year has been different for them, but they still have been doing activities from previous years, just modified to online. Ms. Schildhouse, a science teacher at LCC, is the faculty advisor of the club.

“The campus club meets once a week, the whole North County club meets about once a month. And of course, everything is virtual. This year we actually see a lot more of each other. In previous years, we only met once a month as a campus club. We are also able to have more students attend the county meetings because they are online instead of at the Scripps Hospital, which is a good learning experience,” said Schildhouse.

This club attracts many students who are interested in science and healthcare. Junior Dylan Abernathy, the club president, believes that the club is popular because of how involved it is in the healthcare community.

“The main purpose of the club is to teach kids about healthcare, and allow kids who are already interested to have a place to explore their interests. Lots of doctors come into our meetings to share their experiences and stories with us, that's something that we would usually have to go into the Hospital for,” said Abernathy.

There are definitely challenges with finding resources during this time, but their success in finding those resources has allowed them to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

“Obviously, healthcare workers are very busy right now. So it's hard to find people in the medical field that are open and willing to talk to us. That's something I miss from previous years, just being more hands on,” said Abernathy.

Other than guest speakers, the club has been doing many activities to get familiar with the medical field.

“We have done many Kahoots, slideshows and presentations on different jobs in healthcare. We also go through medical information and spend a day on a certain subject like the nervous system or the heart for example. Right now we are doing a community service project where we are giving back to the ICU staff at the Scripps Memorial Hospital. All of LCC is in on that,” said Schildhouse.

The LCC community service project is a Share the Love Drive for Scripps ICU that gathers anything from letters of support, to snacks and gifts.

“We have done mainly exposure this year to what the healthcare field is all about. We also get weekly updates from the health chief at Scripps about COVID, and he shares some interesting facts with us that are really cool. There is something different about seeing something on a screen rather than right in front of you. We normally go and see a pathologist who shows us legitimate body parts! He had a heart from someone who died from a heart attack, he had tumour samples, and a foot that someone lost while riding a motorcycle! It was so gross, and awesome!” said Schildhouse.

Although they have done a good job to maintain excitement, students in the club do miss the hands-on experience that they have had in past years.

“I loved it when we went and met the Scripps flight team. It was so cool to see the inside of the helicopter and how they rescue people, I'm always going to remember that,” said Abernathy.

The healthcare club has been doing an amazing job at continuing their activities despite current challenges and they still have more plans to wrap up the school year.

“At the end of the year, we make this group project to show the rest of the clubs in North County, so we work on that for a long time. I think anyone who is interested in the healthcare field should join this club. It’s such a fun, friendly environment that makes learning really fun,” said Abernathy.

For more information, join the YLHC google classroom. Code: 5t5s3rx.

Written by Zoe Morris