Young Professionals Club

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The Young Professionals club at LCC is a non-school sponsored organization run by President Andrew Baum and Vice President Shane Baum. Before the Young Professionals Club started this semester the Baum twins started the Entrepreneurship Club. The Entrepreneurship Club focused on the development of critical business skills that the club members could take with them beyond the LCC campus. In order to broaden their mission the brothers decided to transform the Entrepreneurship Club into The Young Professionals Club. The club's focus is to educate high school students and create a group of young professionals by providing networking, career development, and volunteer opportunities.

“We thought that changing the name and the idea of the club would be best to create a more welcoming and useful set of skills, tasks, and opportunities that Shane and I would guide our club through,” said President Baum.

The club meets every other week during SLS time, which takes place after 6th period. Due to Covid-19 meetings are being held via Google Meet, however, any students interested in becoming a “young professional” can use the Google Classroom code z4frvjr and their school account to join. The club offers students many opportunities, specifically through programs such as LinkedIn.

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“We are starting our new series for students finding a job. This new series will be on jobs and internships, how to find one, how to apply, writing a resume, how to conduct yourself during an interview, job professionalism, and more,” said Vice President Baum.

Shane and Andrew Baum have recruited Renee Roesler and Sasha Bell to help them expand their club and guide them through meeting segments. In the next couple of months, the club plans to cover the differences between a job and an internship and how to properly network oneself to get hired. Most of their club members are freshman and sophomores who are in the process, or are planning on, applying for jobs in the coming months.

This club offers students different opportunities to learn important skills for the future and guide them to becoming successful young adults. Students who are interested should take advantage of this opportunity, for it may lead them to a brighter future.

Written by Courtney Hilliard and Ruby Camarena